Why Were the Pope John Paul II Statues Created?

pope-photo005In order to appreciate a work of art, it is often best to know the reasons behind the creation. This will lead to a deeper understanding of the meaning of the artwork, as well as what the artist had in mind, and what the ultimate goal was. In order to find out, this article will cover the reasons for the fine sculpture of the late Blessed Pope. After reading this article, you will know why the statues were created and be able to experience the same joy and compassion that the Blessed Pope John Paul II promoted throughout his life.

Firstly, the goal of the artist, Oliver Greene, was to sculpt the most detailed, most lifelike, unique statues of Blessed Pope John Paul II, in order to provide a representation of him, and what he stood for, for generations to come. Besides this, the statues had to also allow people to experience the love, joy and compassion that the Pope offered, through a hand crafted bronze statue.

This could only be accomplished with the fine detail that went into each statue. As each statue was worked on by hand, for many hours, the process was long, but something that the artist was committed to. This process also ensures that the outcome is a unique, individual and personal experience for everyone who encounters one of the rare statues.

As only a handful of statues were ever created, and no others will follow, they will remain exclusive and reach a standard that is very hard to match. The traditional lost wax casting method was used in the making of the statues to ensure that the greatest detail could be achieved. In other words, the most professional methods, materials and standard were used to create a unique outcome.

One other very important reason for the creation was to allow a unique gift to be given to a loved one, family member, institution or church. These gifts of compassion and love are very important to Catholics, and there is no better way to express that emotion than with a gift. Besides this, it is a gift that can be shared and enjoyed by anyone who comes into contact with it, as it is a constant reminder of what is important in life.

Finally, Oliver Greene wanted to create a physical embodiment of something that would remind us all of love and compassion. This is the message that touched him personally while the late Pope was alive, and it’s a message that he hopes to also share in his artistic work. To find out more, or to purchase a statue, go to www.pope-john-paulii.com

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