When Pope John Paul II Met Mother Teresa

Two human beings, considered to be the epitomes of Divinity meet each other. A history is created. So it happened when Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa came in contact with each other. Their meeting was an event to be recorded in world history. While the mission of the former was to take care of the affairs of the Roman Catholic Church and spreading the word of Christ throughout the world, the Mother dedicated every breath of her life to attend to the poor and the unfortunate lot of mankind. Therefore, both of these great souls were instrumental in reviving faith of people in Christ and his miracles.

The Vatican Supreme met Mother Teresa, the head of Missionaries of Charity (Kolkata, India) on February 3rd 1986. He arrived at his famous white Pope Mobile in which the Mother boarded and met the Pope. With the Mother he visited the refuge of the sick and dying in the heart of the city’s slum where the former frequented accompanied by her fellow nuns. In his half hour visit, he helped the nuns feed the unfortunate suffering people and also embraced a few. Mother Teresa said that meeting the Pope was the happiest day of her life.

In his address during the visit to Mother Teresa in the Nirmal Hriday ashram (a free hospice opened by Mother Teresa in 1952) the Pope said that he was grateful to God for making it his first stop in Calcutta (Kolkata). He also said that this place ‘bears witness to the primacy of love’. He declared that Nirmal Hriday happens to be a place that has known pain, suffering and anguish known by no other, but at the same time it is a house built on courage, faith and hope. He was deeply moved by the efforts of the Mother and her companions to alleviate the devastations suffered by thousands men, women and children alike.

The Pope was deeply impressed by the Mother and how she worked selflessly for the unfortunate, poor, sick, and dying who were abandoned by their own people. Only she could be capable of such Godly love. Her devotion to humanity and love of life in any form whatsoever pleased the Vatican Supreme beyond measures because he, himself upholded the same belief. Both of them protested abortion as it amounted to destruction of life and blocking a blessing of god in the form of a child to see daylight.

His respect and adulation of the mother reflected when he speeded her beatification process; not waiting for the five year period post death to begin the procedure. The meeting of the Pope with the Mother was the meeting of two great personalities with extraordinary virtues; like two angels of God shaking hands on their devotion to God’s supreme creation, ‘Man’. The aura of the great Pope can be felt through 24” bronze statue that not only captures the minutest details of the Pope, but also reflects the grandeur of his divine personality.

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