The Unforgettable Experiences Of The Pope: His Message Of Love, Life, And Courage To The Youth!

CapturePope John Paul II- he’s really an inspiration for the youth! Every time he speaks to the young individuals, the pope’s eagerness to share his wisdom gives warm and comfort for every young minds to inculcate the values of being a Christian. Indeed, his experiences to be with the youth, as molders of young mind, pave the way for friendships, binding the youth as one in communion with God. In fact, he really never shrink back when it comes to holding world youth spiritual celebration because without a doubt he truly cares for the youth all over the world. It is in his heart the virtue of kindheartedness and benevolence in leading the youth towards a high spirited and virtuous life.

Moreover, the pope’s involvement in unifying the Christian youth has brought a significant remark in the lives of Christian people. His deeper pilgrimage during his rule also served as the worthwhile legacy to be followed and to be cherished for a lifetime. Furthermore, here are some of his messages of love for the young individuals which have brought a deep impact in the lives of the youth of today.

  • “Call out to Jesus to remain with you always along the many roads to Emmaus of our time. May he be your strength, your point of reference, your enduring hope.”

Pope John Paul II message during the XII World Youth Day

He truly concerns about the lives of people most especially the young individuals. The message above tells about the story of the disciples walking on the road to Emmaus after Jesus’ death. The disciples were really in despair and they seem to lose hope because they’ve lost a great friend. But, because of the love and compassion, Jesus had appeared and walked with them and restored each one’s hope. It also implies that in our daily life, if we put God in many ways then our hopes will always be on the palm of our hands and will serve as a guiding light in times of trouble and misery. So as to the youth should also look into the presence of Jesus and Almighty Father for they are the reasons why we’re here living in the world and questing for the truth.

  • There, in the midst of humankind, is the dwelling of Christ, who asks you to dry every tear in his name, and to remind whoever feels lonely that no one whose hope is places in him is ever alone.”

Pope John Paul II message during the XII World Youth Day

This message focuses on how people should be concerned with his fellowmen. The need for every individual to seek and help those needy people in times of sufferings and pains and need is a virtue of being a hospitable. Hospitability shows that we welcome people in our lives and helping them through our selfless efforts even in our own little and humble ways. It is an awakening message to every youth of the world not to be selfish and learning to appreciate other people and helping them up when they’re down. It’s a drive for us to do such virtuous act and this is what we are called to do also.

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