The Story behind the hand crafted bronze statues of Pope John Paul II

bronzepope2If you are interested in owning a hand crafted bronze statue of the late Pope John Paul II, but would like to know more about the process and the method of sculpture, then this article will be very interesting to you. It will cover why the process was chosen, a brief overview of the intensive process, and the reasons that make bronze the best material.

The inspiration of Pope John Paul II

The reason for the creation, and the motivation behind the statues, comes from the sculptor, Oliver Greene. The Blessed Pope John Paul II, is one of the artist’s heroes. He restored hope to the Catholic Church and spread the message of compassion and love wherever he travelled. He is responsible for improving the lives of people around the world. As such, it is fitting that an exquisite statue is made in his honor.

The lost wax casting method

The statue has been created using the lost wax casting method. This is an intensive sculpting process that only a small number of people are able to master, as mass manufacturing has now taken over.

This is the reason that so few statues were created. In fact, it takes more than two weeks to complete the process using this skilled method. While many other methods could have been chosen, the lost wax casting method was used based on the exquisite outcome that was desired.

After the first mold has been created from the original work of art, the mold has to be painstakingly detailed to ensure that every detail is captured. If anything is left out then it will be obvious in the final casting (in bronze).

Why bronze casting is the perfect choice

Bronze has been used to create sculptures for centuries (as well as being used to create tools and weapons). This is because it is strong and durable while still be able to capture the fine details that make an attractive, compelling statue. The finest details of a statue can be captured in bronze, as the alloys expand slightly before they set. As such, bronze represents the perfect material for a statue of a great man.

In summary, there is a very special reason for the creation of these exclusive statues. If you want to own a piece of history, then find out more by going to

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