The Church in the eyes of Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II’s views on the church can be said to be quite revolutionary, particularly on the concept of evolution. His views were markedly different from the traditional ideas of the Roman Catholic Church as far as the theory of evolution is concerned. He clearly stated that the evolution theory was not just a supposition or assumption but a valid one and perfectly attuned to Christian faith. There is obviously an apparent contradiction between the scientific view of the origin of life and the Biblical view. According to Genesis, it took only six days to create the world as well as the first human i.e. Adam. However, scientific theories talk about natural selection and genetic mutation as being part of the evolution process so that it took nothing less than billions of years for the survival and propagation of the fittest of the species.

John Paul II gladly accepted this scientific theory of evolution since he felt it was a plausible explanation and clarification of the growth of life in this Earth. However, there was one area where he differed. It was the concept of the human soul. He was of the opinion that though the human body is created by living materials preceding it, the human soul is a product of God.

This was a marked departure from the view of the Roman Catholic Church which firmly believed in the contribution of God in the creation of heaven and earth. As for the creation of mankind, Catechism also attributed that to God, the Father. That is why Pope had to face a lot of criticism. The main contention about his argument was that it was highly contradictory. On one hand, he accepted the scientific argument of evolution and on the other, acknowledged the role of God in the creation of the spiritual soul.

However, that should not deter you from buying a 24″ Bronze Statue Pope John Paul II. He was not against the Church in any way and there are many areas where he followed the Church religiously. Therefore, you can see that such a statue can uplift your house not only visually but spiritually as well.

John Paul 2 was also of the belief that the Church’s teachings were not very different from that of other religions. With this intention, he endeavored to bridge the gap existing between Christianity and other sects like Islam, Judaism and the like. While he was on a tour of Italy and the Holy Land, he actually attempted to mend the differences that existed between Christianity, Roman Catholic Church in particular and two religions of Abrahamic origin, namely Islam and Judaism.

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