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Have you ever experienced going to different places with a purpose to heal the wounds of every land? That’s what pope John Paul II has been doing when he was still alive and leading the world amidst the societal problems. Have you ever imagined his visitations to every country which made people gathered as one simply because to hear the good news of God? Exactly, being a catholic, you will do that for the sake of his presence is a once in a lifetime experience and being blessed by a pope gives you a feeling of serenity and humbleness. Likewise, his several and countable pilgrimage to every nations have touches

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The deep affection and undying love of the icon of century for the young people marks an important place in his life. Undoubtedly, each young people through out the world hold a unique place in Pope John Paul II’s heart. Moreover, he truly believes in the youth of each nation in their hunger for God and their desire to do good things in the world. Indeed, he is compassionate in his ways and had made humble beginnings to serve the youth of all nations. During his time, the youth of today is like no other generation and because they are growing up in a world of rapid and constant change.

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