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This is the second part of the Millennium letter from Pope Jon Paul II to all his church and Catholics around the world. This is very long but take your time to read and reflect on the contents. Now see in your opinion has the Catholic Church, the priests, the bishops and so on done the job as laid out by the late Pope John Paul II. I Meeting Christ The Legacy of the Great Jubilee 4. “We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty” (Rev 11:17). In the Bull of Indiction of the Jubilee I expressed the hope that the bimillennial celebration of the mystery of the Incarnation would

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It is 10 years since the late Pope John Paul II sent his AT THE BEGINNING OF THE THIRD MILLENNIUM APOSTOLIC LETTER NOVO MILLENNIO NEUNTE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE JOHN PAUL II TO THE BISHOPS CLERGY AND LAY FAITHFUL AT THE CLOSE OF THE GREAT JUBILEE OF THE YEAR 2000. To my Brother Bishops, To Priests and Deacons ,Men and Women Religious and all the Lay Faithful. I want to re-print what he wrote so we could look back and see if this request has been worked by those whom he asked. 1. At the beginning of the new millennium, and at the close of the Great Jubilee during which

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I am always amazed at the following. When a paedophile commits an act of crime and he is discovered and prosecuted it is he who gets the punishment and gets sued. If he works for an International company the company does not get sued but because it is a priest, the church gets sued. I am wondering if this type of law is correct. Yes I am well aware they have violated the children put in there care and exposed the church to scorn and our church did not handle these case correctly from the beginning and are themselves to blame for sticking there heads in the sands, while these

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