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The Blessed Pope John Paul II was canonized in an historic event at Vatican City, Sunday, April 27th, 2014. The event was special because it marked the first time a dual papal canonization had ever occurred (Pope John XXIII was also declared a saint). The current Pope Francis presided over the event, which was witnessed by a huge audience. The event was historic for another reason: it is very rare that two living pontiffs are in attendance at such an event. It marked the first time that a retired and a reigning Pope celebrated Mass together in a public setting, as well as being present at the canonization (Pope Benedict

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The Late Pope John Paul II was an icon of the century, and his legacy will be felt for generations, as well as living forever within the Catholic Church (which he helped to reform). While you may have seen many commemorations of the late Pope, it’s unlikely you have yet seen the incredible twenty-four inch, solid bronze statues created by artist, Oliver Greene. There is a very compelling story behind the project, which this article will explain. Remembering a great Pope – the project of creating a small number of solid bronze statues of the late Pope was a way to remember the great man, as well as to ensure

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Pope John Paul II was highly respected by people from all faiths, as well as people of no faith. He was known for his love and compassion toward the poor and the suffering, as well as for bringing inspiration to millions of people around the world. If you wish to commemorate his life, you can now do so in the form of a majestic twenty-four inch bronze statue, hand crafted by Oliver Greene. About the unique statues There are only a small number of statues available, as the process is intensive and requires hours of energy, attention and skill. The statues stand at twenty-four inches tall, with a depth of

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Oliver Greene is an artist with a rare talent and a unique mission in life. He has dedicated himself to the pursuit of helping to spread the word of the late Pope John Paul II (love and compassion for humanity). In fulfilling part of this mission, he has created a small number of solid bronze statues of the Blessed Pope. This article will feature an overview of this rare artist, and explain his mission in more detail. A majestic statue – the statues themselves were created by hand, using the lost wax casting method (explained below). The statue stands twenty-four inches tall, with a depth of nine inches. It weighs

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There is no doubt that the late Pope John Paul II inspired people all around the world. There are have been many occasions and events to celebrate his life, and the artist, Oliver Greene, has created a small number of bronze statues to commemorate him. Here are 7 reasons why owning one would benefit your life (and the lives of those around you). An impressive statue – the first emotion felt, when people see the statues, is one of awe and appreciation of the skill that created it. It is twenty-two kilograms in weight, stands twenty-four inches tall, and has a depth of eight inches. The size of the statue

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