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Oliver Greene is an artist with a rare talent and a unique mission in life. He has dedicated himself to the pursuit of helping to spread the word of the late Pope John Paul II (love and compassion for humanity). In fulfilling part of this mission, he has created a small number of solid bronze statues of the Blessed Pope. This article will feature an overview of this rare artist, and explain his mission in more detail. A majestic statue – the statues themselves were created by hand, using the lost wax casting method (explained below). The statue stands twenty-four inches tall, with a depth of nine inches. It weighs

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Pope John Paul II had ascended to Papacy on the 16th of October 1978, and since then to the last day of his life he had either been hailed as a hero or, has been accused and condemned with many controversies. He has without doubt been one of the most influential leaders of the world but at the same time he had been criticized over a number of unforgivable issues. This has brought many people to ponder whether to consider him a Friend or, Foe to the world. To talk about why the Pope should be considered a Friend is as good as asking ‘why do we need air to

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A store house of talents, Pope John Paul II had authored many books, encyclicals etc that have been upheld by the church and the people alike. Writing talents of the Pope had blossomed during his days of priesthood when he wrote under the pseudonym of ‘Andrzej Jawien’ and ‘Stanislaw Andrzej Gruda’. Initially, he wrote about the early experiences of his life, like the war, the miseries that followed the Holocaust, communist regime and the devastation caused by it, loss of freedom and dignity of common people and their plight and so on. His pastoral responsibilities also found expression in his poems and plays. Pope John Paul II, then known by

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This is the second part of the Millennium letter from Pope Jon Paul II to all his church and Catholics around the world. This is very long but take your time to read and reflect on the contents. Now see in your opinion has the Catholic Church, the priests, the bishops and so on done the job as laid out by the late Pope John Paul II. I Meeting Christ The Legacy of the Great Jubilee 4. “We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty” (Rev 11:17). In the Bull of Indiction of the Jubilee I expressed the hope that the bimillennial celebration of the mystery of the Incarnation would

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I have written on these sexual abuse attacks on the innocent children of our communities. The perpetrators of these heinous crimes must be brought to justice swiftly and any complaints made by members of the public to be investigated without delay. Delay has been the key factor in these cases as I read them it should have been clear to all concerned that the need to suspend the individual was very necessary and urgent. Sadly this did not happen. Why?? The people involved for some unknown reason and to me possibly only known to them, delayed. Did they assume the accusations could not be true and that this did not

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