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The Blessed Pope John Paul II was canonized in an historic event at Vatican City, Sunday, April 27th, 2014. The event was special because it marked the first time a dual papal canonization had ever occurred (Pope John XXIII was also declared a saint). The current Pope Francis presided over the event, which was witnessed by a huge audience. The event was historic for another reason: it is very rare that two living pontiffs are in attendance at such an event. It marked the first time that a retired and a reigning Pope celebrated Mass together in a public setting, as well as being present at the canonization (Pope Benedict

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The influence of Pope John Paul II on the political front on many nations, especially the ones that had been under the oppression of dictatorships, has been colossal. Although, being the Pope, he could not directly interfere with the running of the State affairs of any country whatsoever, but he could, as the moral benchmark for Roman Catholics all over the world, exercise his authority to a considerable extent. It is known to all that he was highly critical of dictators, and left no stone unturned to convince them to grant democracy to its people. The Pope had first hand experience in facing the damages caused to freedom and dignity

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2nd of April 2005, the world cried at the loss of one of the greatest personalities, a man of god, the bearer of peace, Pope John Paul II. The successor of Pope John Paul I ascended to papacy on the 16th of October 1978 and continued till the very last day of his life. With infinite accomplishments and contributions that he made throughout his existence, (as the Pope and before) he was claimed to be one of the most influential and loved leaders of the 20th century. His rigid stance to resist communism in his homeland and also the whole of Europe cannot be forgotten for ages. His faith in

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Pope John Paul II had always expressed his belief in the capability of the youth to make an enormous difference to the world. He did everything he possibly could to encourage the youth to involve themselves and participate in progressive and developmental activities instead of being strayed into destructive ways that is becoming very common in the present century. Terrorism and other forms of ‘evil’ like involvement in drugs, trafficking and other forms of crime takes over a person when he/she is young; when their minds can be easily molded by anyone to believe anything. Pope John Paul II Award is dedicated to the memory of the Pope and his

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Karol Jozef Wojtyla who is known to the world as Pope John Paul II had ascended to Papacy in the year of 1978 (October 16th). He was the successor to Pope John Paul I who was in office for an unbelievably short period of time. Wrapped up in numerous controversies over his almost three decades of Papacy, he had left the world with a wealth of teachings that is upheld even to this day and has also been the reason that led him to a speedy beatification process. Having lived at a time of Holocaust, the Pope when still a young man realized how necessary Peace was to the world.

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