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There is no doubt that the late Pope John Paul II inspired people all around the world. There are have been many occasions and events to celebrate his life, and the artist, Oliver Greene, has created a small number of bronze statues to commemorate him. Here are 7 reasons why owning one would benefit your life (and the lives of those around you). An impressive statue – the first emotion felt, when people see the statues, is one of awe and appreciation of the skill that created it. It is twenty-two kilograms in weight, stands twenty-four inches tall, and has a depth of eight inches. The size of the statue

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One of the most well regarded men of the 20th century was Pope John Paul II (1920 to 2005). He was Pope of the Catholic Church for almost twenty-seven years, making him the third-longest serving Pope in history. He is now Blessed, and in recognition of his life, artist Oliver Greene has created a small number of hand crafted solid bronze statues of the Blessed Pope. The statues are made from solid bronze ingot (from Italy), which provides the perfect material for the sculpture. It allows for a very durable, sturdy and strong figure, while facilitating incredible attention to detail (just look at the facial expression, as well as the

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