Reminiscing Pope John Paul’s Time! His Message Of Love For The Youth!

pope11The deep affection and undying love of the icon of century for the young people marks an important place in his life. Undoubtedly, each young people through out the world hold a unique place in Pope John Paul II’s heart. Moreover, he truly believes in the youth of each nation in their hunger for God and their desire to do good things in the world. Indeed, he is compassionate in his ways and had made humble beginnings to serve the youth of all nations.

During his time, the youth of today is like no other generation and because they are growing up in a world of rapid and constant change. It is in a change which have move every youth to hurdle the challenges of life. Also, as we live in a world of change, still you can find in the pope’s words an unwavering constancy.

His kind words involve love and encouragement for the youth of the century. Certainly, his countless good deeds and goodness has proved his worthiness and challenging every youth to greater things. His desire to bring every youth closer to God is immeasurable and worth praising.

Furthermore, he never stops leading the youth to participate in the whole community, in the great obligation in transforming the world according to God’s design, of creating a world where love of God directs all things and reigns in hearts of every human being. He truly believes in the young persons during his time and he is convinced that in Christ you have the ability to make this world a better place and even great advocates of world peace. Yes, being an advocate of world peace is a life-rewarding act which serves to be a universal aid nowadays.

Moreover, his usual lines calls out in a special, heartfelt way, “My dear young friends!” This is his way of showing his undying friendship to the young people which is deeply rooted in the Good News of Christ’s love. Once he had address to the youth of Poland in June 1997, the pope said: “Dear young people, follow Christ with the enthusiasm of your youthful hearts. He alone can calm your fear. Look to Jesus from the depths of your hearts and minds! He is your inseparable friend.” As a matter of fact, this message is just as meaningful to every youth of today as it was to the Polish young individuals in the year 1997.

He always includes in his reflections and prayers for the youth’s hope and saving the world against destructions. With the line from the icon of century which says, “Do not be afraid of Christ! Trust him completely! He alone has the words of eternal life. Christ never let us down!” Actually, the line was delivered in Poznan, Poland. Remembering this line will help every living individual to stand out amidst the total problems of the society. Because it is with God that no one is afraid to face the truth and what lies ahead.

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