Realizing the Eminence of the Pope

Realizing the Eminence of the Pope

Pope John Paul II , an important icon of the century, during his sovereignty to rule over the catholic church has brought a great influence in the lives of every human being. Most of his deeds are worth emulating and his holiness and humbleness made a fountain of hope in the hearts of Christians. He’s several visitations to every place he had stepped enlighten every cold heart and flickers the minds of conflicting countries to reunite as one.

His great power of self-sacrificing in facing the worlds inevitable problems have opened the eyes of every individual not to shrink back nor escaping from it but facing it with strength from God and hope for the nations. His indulgence to uphold the spirit of World Youth Days and Strong Family ideals invigorates the eagerness of the people to overcome the trials and triumph over the challenges and obstacles in every way with God as a center towards their journey in life. Indeed, the humble ways imprinted in the minds of every youth and the good upbringing of parents to their young ones stay always in the heart and mind of every human being who have been touched by the pope’s selfless love and trusting hands of God. His eminence instilled in the minds of mankind that in every endeavor we take we should put God’s first and living in the memory that God is good all the time.

The spirit of his undying love and faithful to God have given him strength to carry on the humble ruling and preserving the virtue of sanctity, solidarity, and faithfulness in leading the world towards God. In addition, his legacy will always be treasured and will remain in the hearts and minds of every individual. A legacy that will never be forgotten and will always be a history in the lives of human beings. Realizing his contribution to society and Catholic Church is a great honor and significance that nothing can replace any material thing or a precious gem in his good deeds ever in the history of theworld.

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