Pope John Paul II – The Healer

There are any questions which float even today regarding Pope John Paul 2 and his preaching. One such question is whether Pope John Paul II is the healer or the non-crusader. Arguments still continue with respect to the much-noted visits of Pope John Paul 2 to Syria and Greece. Pope’s magnitude has been huge. There are many Catholics who covet to keep unique hand-crafted sculptures of Pope made of bronze kept in their homes. This diffuses a positive vibe in the house.

The Pope has paid his sacred visits to the Holy Land. He has always been extremely supportive towards the Christian minorities. He has disputed that the world leaders can only bring in an effective solution and an elucidation to the problems of the Palestinian refugee. He has tried to maintain peace in the Middle East areas. Pope Paul’s visit has put an end to the traditional hostility of the Catholic Church towards the Jews. Keeping a bronze statue of pope in your house can bring in a soothing vibe in your house. A sense of warmth and delight can also be achieved by placing one of these statues in your drawing room or may be the prayer room.

People believe he is more than a human being and there are valid reasons for saying so. Born in Poland, this man has addressed and advocated for human rights. He was always been vocal about the sufferings of the world. He always held strong positions in the society and was headstrong in his approach, even if it was brawny and sturdy standpoints such as opposition towards capital punishment. This man was accredited for bringing about a political change and a fall of communism in his own land Poland. A healer in many aspects, this man was not bent to compromise on his hard-line stances on few matters such as contraception. His life was not devoid of critics. However, it did not lead him to shirk away from his objectives or steadfast goals. In order to keep the positivity of Pope, you can beautify your house with gorgeous statues of Pope made of bronze in your residence.

Thousands visited Vatican to get that one blessing from Pope Paul. He was the true savior in every sense of the term. His unique approach towards mankind equaled him with the Almighty. His preaching on universal salvation has successfully rid many sufferers from their agony in life. People have found a new trajectory to walk towards, as directed by the Pope Paul. He opined, “God ‘desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.’” He sermonized that mankind should be included in the ‘divine plan of salvation.’ People looked up to him as the ‘real healer’ who can triumph over sin. Many crave to keep a statue of Pope John Paul 2 in their house, hoping to get a unique combination of thoughtfulness and originality in their lives.

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