Paedophiles in our Church

I am always amazed at the following. When a paedophile commits an act of crime and he is discovered and prosecuted it is he who gets the punishment and gets sued. If he works for an International company the company does not get sued but because it is a priest, the church gets sued. I am wondering if this type of law is correct.

Yes I am well aware they have violated the children put in there care and exposed the church to scorn and our church did not handle these case correctly from the beginning and are themselves to blame for sticking there heads in the sands, while these horrendous crimes were been perpetrated on these innocent children world wide.

Pope Benedict XVI has apologized, Pope Benedict spoke of “the shame and remorse that we all feel” towards the victims of abuse at the hands of Catholic priests dating back decades: “You have suffered grievously and I am truly sorry… your trust has been betrayed and your dignity has been violated.” He is sincere in his sadness at these crimes. It is for all of us to pray for the children of these crimes.

It is for the church now to route out all of these evil and unscrupulous Pedophile’s and to leave no stone unturned in that quest without it been a witch hunt. It is not for the Catholic Church to become defensive in this matter but to be open and honest, to secure forgiveness for there failings and seek to atone for these horrible crimes. There should be no secrets in any Church organization.

It will be a long process for the church to regain the confidence of its members and those outside of the church and move forward with the main intention of the legacy of Jesus which was then and should be now ‘’Love & Compassion’’ for ourselves and for others.

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