Majestic Statues of The Late Pope John Paul II

The Late Pope John Paul II was an icon of the century, and his legacy will be felt for generations, as well as living forever within the Catholic Church (which he helped to reform). While you may have seen many commemorations of the late Pope, it’s unlikely you have yet seen the incredible twenty-four inch, solid bronze statues created by artist, Oliver Greene. There is a very compelling story behind the project, which this article will explain.

Remembering a great Pope – the project of creating a small number of solid bronze statues of the late Pope was a way to remember the great man, as well as to ensure that his message lives on forever. Every time you see the statue you will be invigorated in your faith, and feel the love and compassion of the Blessed Pope.

A personal mission – the artist is on a personal mission to continue to spread the word of the late Pope. Using his talents and unique skills, he felt that one of the best ways to do this was via a commemorative statue of the highest quality. Oliver Greene has a history of organizing charity, and travelling around the world to help people in need. This is his latest offering in service of that mission.

Devotion to skill and detail – the talents of the artist are his personal gifts, and he wants to use them in the service of something greater. Commemorating the life of the Blessed Pope is something that he was called to do, and it is a fitting tribute. The numerous hours of skill and intense work that went into each handcrafted statue is a testament to the faith of the artist.

The lost wax casting method – the very rare sculpting method, known as the lost wax casting method, was used in the creation of these sculptures. This practice is now not widely used, as the time involved to master the skill is so great, and most statues are now mass-produced. Owning one of these statues is a chance to collect something very rare, created with a rare skill.

A perfect gift – the statues of the late Pope would make a perfect gift to someone you care about. It is a way to express your love and affection. The statues are also perfect for a church, or a faith based organization or society.

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