Commemorate Pope John Paul II with a Statue

Pope John Paul II was highly respected by people from all faiths, as well as people of no faith. He was known for his love and compassion toward the poor and the suffering, as well as for bringing inspiration to millions of people around the world. If you wish to commemorate his life, you can now do so in the form of a majestic twenty-four inch bronze statue, hand crafted by Oliver Greene.

About the unique statues

There are only a small number of statues available, as the process is intensive and requires hours of energy, attention and skill. The statues stand at twenty-four inches tall, with a depth of eight inches. They are twenty-two kilograms, making them very solid, sturdy and elegant. The fine detailing is some of the best you will ever see, as the method used was the lost wax casting method.

The design of the statues is one that radiates the message of the late Pope. You will feel the inspiration, as well the love and compassion that he was known for. The statues can be used to deepen your faith and to come to peace of mind when you are feeling troubled. They will fit in any home, as well as being a centerpiece in any organization or church. Besides being perfect for personal prayer and transformation, they can be given as a gift to someone (or an organization) you love and care for.

About the artist

Oliver Greene is the man behind the concept, and the creator of the statues. The life of Pope John Paul II had a major impact on him, and it was only fitting that he should be the one to create these magnificent statues (all by hand). Mr. Greene was born in July 1950, into a large family of 8 boys, and was later educated at the Ennis Christian Brothers.

Although his artistic education has been extensive and varied, he has gained mastery in a number of areas. He attended various day and night schools to perfect his art and sculpture skills. He attended The Hampstead school of Art under the direction of Mr. David Carr (a well known artist and author). Later, he was tutored by Kulwant Aurore.

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