Church Official’s Mistakes.

I have written on these sexual abuse attacks on the innocent children of our communities. The perpetrators of these heinous crimes must be brought to justice swiftly and any complaints made by members of the public to be investigated without delay. Delay has been the key factor in these cases as I read them it should have been clear to all concerned that the need to suspend the individual was very necessary and urgent.

Sadly this did not happen. Why?? The people involved for some unknown reason and to me possibly only known to them, delayed. Did they assume the accusations could not be true and that this did not happen in Catholic Churches and parish communities? Were they sticking their heads in the sand hoping this would go away; this caused delay and further damage to the innocents.

I am not educated enough to diagnose a paedophile and a sex criminal. Are they all the one or not?? They are reports that certain individuals have matter missing in their make up and this is evident in all the paedophiles tested and examined and missing in sex attackers. You can read reports by Googling ‘’what is a Paedophile’’ In my own opinion all sex attacks against children are crimes and should be punished when found guilty. All of us should remember that people are innocent till found guilty.

We also need to remember that it is not only happening in our Catholic society but in all other Religious communities. It seems that no Religious Order is immune from these crimes of a heinous nature.

I honestly believe that Pope John Paul II would be totally devastated with the revelations been made. Here was a Pope the Leader following in Jesus way by going out to all the communities in the world to bring the Message of Jesus, Love & Compassion and then some so- called holy men abuse their power and use the trust in them to break the heart and soul of the innocent’s. Again I re-iterate the Religious Orders, all of them should have in place a fast and speedy method to remove anyone suspected or accused of such abuse and they should not return to their offices till proved innocent.

I never really was into any of the other popes as they were not walking in Jesus footsteps as I believe all popes should do. It is about carrying the message of Love & Compassion to the entire human race.

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