An Insight into Pope John Paul II ‘s Path Towards Sainthood

On the 8th of April 2005, at the funeral of Pope John Paul II, the crowd had chanted ‘Santo Subito’ which means, “Make him a saint now”. Although Pope John Paul II is the most high profile candidate for sainthood in modern times, his beatification, like any others will have to pass through stringent procedures. According to church rules, ‘opening a cause’ that is the first step towards sainthood cannot be initiated until the lapse of five years after the death of the person. This five year period helps all emotions following the demise of a person to settle down and provides enough time for gathering data and witness supporting the cause of sainthood.

Pope Benedict waiving this rule off chose to ‘fast track’ his predecessor’s path to being a saint. By stating, “The cause for the beatification of John Paul II is open” the current Sovereign of the Vatican initiated the process by which his predecessor will become the Blessed of the Church. This was followed by the process of collection of information on the former Pope’s life and teachings including writing from the days before he became a Pope. A commission of historians was appointed to gather all documents which were examined by a panel of theologians, cardinals and bishops. An agreement of two thirds majority would declare the Pope beatified.

All that was lacking was the establishment of a miracle that can be associated with the Pope after his death. Such miracles usually include unnatural occurrences like healing someone of some dreaded disease without any medical or, scientific explanation, only by praying to the deceased Pope, and so on. The miracle attributed to the late Pope was in 2005 when a French nun had been cured of Parkinson’s disease. Once this miracle is approved by Pope Benedict, the current sovereign of the Vatican, the path to the beatification of Pope John Paul II will become inevitable.

Pope John Paul II in his time had broken many such procedural rules as far as beatification and canonization was concerned. One example that can be cited is the beatification of Mother Teresa the process of which had begun two years after her death. He had canonized over four hundred saints since his ascendance to Papacy, which is more than the number of canonizations that had taken place in the past five hundred years combined.

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