Accomplishments of Pope John Paul II

The accomplishments of Pope John Paul II are numerous. His life is full of achievements and explorations. To begin with, he was well conversant in as many as 8 languages and an expert in 13 languages. Previous popes were not very enthusiastic when it came to travelling to different countries. They usually preferred to stay at the Vatican and occasionally traveled to a few places in Europe. However, John Paul II was distinctly different in this regard. He travelled extensively to as many as 125 foreign countries. Even if you combine the sum total of all the places visited by the other popes, it would not cross this figure. This is an accomplishment in itself.

The greatest achievement of John Paul 2 can be said to be his endorsement of human rights all over the world. As his first tour, he travelled to his native Poland in the year 1979 in order to support the Solidarity trade union movement which was concerned with opposing Communism. Gradually, Poland witnessed its downfall after a struggle of ten years. There are a number of firsts that can be attributed to him. He was the first Pope who visited the famous Jewish Synagogue situated in Rome and the Auschwitz Holocaust memorial. He also played an instrumental role in the Jewish-Christian reconciliation because his aim was to unite these two great religions of the world.

John Paul ii can be credited with bringing many modern elements to the Vatican. Satellite transmissions are now used and video cassettes are produced for educational and didactic purposes. He was also a skilled writer. His contribution to Vatican Council II is significant. Luminous mysteries were added to the Rosary by Pope. He wrote more than 150 volumes of explanatory encyclicals. A book was also written by him in the year 1979 by the name of “The Future of the Church”. His documents dealt with different facets of Catholic life along with some of the most vital issues in the world.

These are only some of the feats achieved by the Pope. There are countless other such accomplishments too. For instance, his Theology of the body was quite revolutionary where he described sexual intimacy between spouses to be an image of the internal life of God. Again, he can be said to be the creator of the new canon law meant for oriental churches and the main person behind the commissioning of the New Catechism. He recruited the maximum number of priests. He will always be remembered as one of the youngest Popes to be ever chosen for the Papacy.

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