A Brief Overview of Oliver Greene and His Pope Statues

Oliver Greene is an artist with a rare talent and a unique mission in life. He has dedicated himself to the pursuit of helping to spread the word of the late Pope John Paul II (love and compassion for humanity). In fulfilling part of this mission, he has created a small number of solid bronze statues of the Blessed Pope. This article will feature an overview of this rare artist, and explain his mission in more detail.

A majestic statue – the statues themselves were created by hand, using the lost wax casting method (explained below). The statue stands twenty-four inches tall, with a depth of nine inches. It weighs twenty-two kilograms, making it a genuine collector’s piece. It symbolizes the Blessed Pope in his characteristic pose, presented as he appears to his adoring public. The artist has captured the expression of the Pope: that of true happiness, peace and tranquility.

The lost wax casting method (of sculpture) – The 22-kilogram statue is perfectly balanced with intricate detail. While other statues are built quickly, these statues were crafted over a period of four weeks, using the lost wax casting method (as practiced by the Ancient Greeks). It begins with a mold from an original work of art. From here, a wax cast is created, after which it is finely detailed. There are many other steps, but the process of “chasing the wax” is what allows for the incredible detail (and can only be crafted by a skilled artisan).

About the artist, Oliver Greene – Oliver Greene was born in July 1950, into a large family of 8 boys, and was later educated at the Ennis Christian Brothers. His artistic education has been very extensive and varied, with mastery in a number of areas. He attended various day and night schools learning art and sculpture. He attended The Hampstead school of Art under the direction of Mr. David Carr (a well known artist and author). Later, he was tutored by Kulwant Aurore.

The artist’s mission – Oliver Greene wants to spread and embody the message of love and compassion. He wanted to sculpt the finest, most lifelike, unique sculpture of Blessed Pope John Paul II, so that people would be able to experience the love, joy and compassion that the Pope offered. Using his unique talents, this could be accomplished through a hand crafted bronze statue.

If you are interested in finding out more about these exclusive statues, go to www.pope-john-paulii.com

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