7 Reasons To Own A Statue of Pope John Paul II

PopeJohnPaulII_468x484There is no doubt that the late Pope John Paul II inspired people all around the world. There are have been many occasions and events to celebrate his life, and the artist, Oliver Greene, has created a small number of bronze statues to commemorate him. Here are 7 reasons why owning one would benefit your life (and the lives of those around you).

An impressive statue – the first emotion felt, when people see the statues, is one of awe and appreciation of the skill that created it. It is twenty-two kilograms in weight, stands twenty-four inches tall, and has a depth of eight inches. The size of the statue is equaled only in the majestic fine detail, which captures the essence of the Blessed Pope.

Commemorate the Blessed Pope – this is one of the best ways to remember the Blessed Pope, and to make sure his message is always at the forefront of your mind. Catholics have always used statues and paintings as a way to maintain and remember their teachings and moral code. With a solid 24-inch statue in your home or building, you will be regularly reminded of what the great man taught you.

Inspire yourself and others – the exquisite statue alone is enough to make you feel awe inspired. However, the sculpture comes with the message that the Pope wanted to leave mankind with. You will be regularly inspired and feel called to act, and spread the right message in the world.

Own a piece of history – as only a small number of statues were created, you may wish to own one in order to own a piece of history, as well as being the owner of a collector’s piece.

Give it as a gift – offering a magnificent gift of the Blessed Pope is something that will be forever remembered. You may want to gift it to your loved ones, to your Church or to an organization that would benefit from it. The truth is that most people would benefit from the statue, so it makes a perfect gift.  It is something very unique and special.

Support the mission of Oliver Greene – the artist, Oliver Greene has a mission in life. The mission is to carry on the work of the late Pope (if only in a small way). In other words, he seeks to spread the message of love and compassion around the world. He does this with various charities, events and missionaries. If you wish to support his cause, then consider buying a statue from www.pope-john-paulii.com

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