24-Inch Solid Bronze Statues of Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II Bronze Statue

One of the most well regarded men of the 20th century was Pope John Paul II (1920 to 2005). He was Pope of the Catholic Church for almost twenty-seven years, making him the third-longest serving Pope in history. He is now Blessed, and in recognition of his life, artist Oliver Greene has created a small number of hand crafted solid bronze statues of the Blessed Pope.

The statues are made from solid bronze ingot (from Italy), which provides the perfect material for the sculpture. It allows for a very durable, sturdy and strong figure, while facilitating incredible attention to detail (just look at the facial expression, as well as the detail in the robe and Papal Mitre). The statue stands at twenty-four inches tall, which makes it a focal point in any room or building.

With a depth of nine inches, it is certainly one of the most impressive Papal statues ever created. The statue went through a very intensive process in order to bring the fine detail into view. After an initial mold was created, and the casting was complete, the most masterly of arts had to be undertaken. This is known as “chasing the wax”, in which the artist spends hours adding and re-detailing the features on the statue. Of course, this is also done by hand, so that each statue is unique, distinctive and represents the artist’s very best work.

The end result is something to marvel at. The striking resemblance to the Blessed Pope is remarkable. While the reign of Pope John Paul was innovative in many ways, this statue captures the essence of the Pontiff in a pose that will inspire, calm and bring a sense of love to those who see it.

Pope John Paul II travelled a great deal during his reign (to more than one hundred countries around the world). He had an impact on millions of lives, both Catholic and non-Catholic. He was very popular worldwide, and this statue is one way to commemorate his impact in the world, as well as to continue his message.

It is the mission of Oliver Greene to spread the word of the late Pope: that of compassion and love to others. This statue is one way that you can bring that message into your own life, as well into the lives of the people you love, and those you want to touch. If you are interested in finding out more, go to pope-john-paulii.com

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