“Appreciating The Goodness of the Pope: The Endless Love, More Compassionate, and an Inspiring Message From the Icon of Century.”

pope2The goodness and kindness of the pope is really irreplaceable. Indeed, the worthy deeds of the pope are worth emulating and determining. His most promising and humble words triggers the hearts and minds of every individual to live a life of humility and Christ centered. His presence always gives a hopeful strength and a powerful faith to every faithful servants of God and those who are holding their faith to Almighty God.

He’s driven to motivate Christians in upholding the ideals of good Christian living. He made every road straight and provided spiritual path for every mankind who are suffering from the labyrinths of life. In fact, through his undying support and vigorous effort to invigorate the unhealthy way of life of people has been his purpose of rejuvenating the man’s hopeless and vulnerable conditions leading towards a healthy Christian living and righteous life. He really completes his mission and striving to reach every endeavor successfully. In addition, He renders his faithful service to the people according to the will of God.

Let me count the ways of his delivered message of God and spreading the Good news. He speaks in his ways the truth and the importance of God in our lives.

The following messages serve as our guiding principles and helpful words of wisdom to be pondered and to be reflected upon ourselves.

  • “Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. The kingdom of heaven is for those who are determined to enter it.”

    – Pope John Paul II, Santiago, Spain

    Try to reflect with the lines coming from the heart of the icon of century. The message tells us that in life, we should complete the task of what ever endeavor we have started and trying to do our best to finish what is meant to be finished. Some of us might have heard this line saying, “If you’re going to begin a job, then finish it.” Basically, that’s what the Holy Father wants to say. If you’re going to love God, then love God completely with all your heart.

  • “May you experience the truth that he, Christ looks upon you with love!”

    – Pope John Paul II, Dilecti Amici

    It is in Christ that we are being loved no matter who we are. Thinking that Christ loves us is the most wondrous thing we ever wanted in our entire life as living Christian. Remember that Christ never wants us to be lonely and he’s always looking at you with love each day! Looks yet they are a powerful and potent thing on earth. Other people might look at you with deep concern, care, and love and there some other people who looks at you with dislike, anger, or even worst than that. This is much pretty sure that you’re assured 100% that Christ looks at you confidently with love and compassion.

  • “Dear young people, make your generous and responsible contribution to the constant building up of the Church as a family, a place of dialogue and mutual acceptance, a space of peace, mercy and pardon.”

    – Pope John Paul II’s message during the XII World Youth Day

    A message for all the youth of the world which intends to motivate and gives inspiration that the young people has the ability to make a big difference. A difference for the betterment of the church by building the solid foundation of having a church as one family, a place for peace and serenity, mercy and forgiveness, worship and praising, and uniting the people. It is a very challenging task that the Father wants us to do most especially the young individuals. Take part and be involved in building the community of people who believe in Jesus, the Redeemer.

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