Bronze Statues of Pope John Paul II

Your One Chance To Own 1 (of only 4) Handcrafted, 24-Inch, Solid Bronze Statues Of Blessed Pope John Paul II

The “Icon of The Century” – the Blessed Pope John Paul II, is captured beautifully in this huge, bronze statue. This sculpture is both captivating and, at 24 inches tall and 22 kg in weight, simply breathtaking.

This large-scale, display-quality statue transforms any home, Church or social setting into something truly magnificent.

It symbolizes the Blessed Pope in all his glory, presented as he appears to his adoring public… expressing true happiness, peace and tranquility.

Designed by artist, Oliver Greene, the statue stands 24 inches tall, with a depth of 9 inches. It was hand-crafted using the traditional Lost Wax Casting Method, making it a genuine collector’s piece (only 4 limited-edition bronze sculptures remain).

This is a unique offering to the Catholic people who wish to acquire a rare collector’s item.

Customer review:

Hello Oliver,
I received your beautiful statues!! They are absolutely great! They are in my front window display. My grand opening is Saturday, June 3, 2006. You have indeed captured the true likeness and great appeal of the “Great Man”. It is a work of craftsmanship. Thank you so much. Grace – New York

Meet The Artist, Oliver Greene

Artist Bio: Oliver Greene

Born in July, 1950, into a large family of 8 boys, Oliver Greene was later educated at the Ennis Christian Brothers.

He immigrated to England in 1963 and attended Greenford Grammar school. Later, he entered the construction industry, trained and became a contracts project manager.

His artistic education is extensive and varied. He attended various day and night schools learning art and sculpture. He attended The Hampstead school of Art under the direction of Mr David Carr (a well known artist and author). Later, he was tutored by Kulwant Aurore.

In 2000, after suffering a stroke and continuing ill health, he was forced into early retirement from the construction industry. Since then his time has been solely devoted to his passion for art and sculpturing mastery, resulting in the production of the exquisite bronze statue of Blessed Pope John Paul II.

Why The Statues Were Created

First of all, the goal was to sculpt the finest, most lifelike, unique sculpture of Blessed Pope John Paul II, so that people can experience the love, joy and compassion that the Pope offered, through a hand crafted bronze statue.

The detail that went into each of the statues took a lengthy amount of time, which is why each statue is unique, and why only a handful were created. Each is hand made to the highest standard achieved using the traditional “The Lost Wax Casting Method”

Another reason was to allow the statue to be given as a unique gift for a loved one, family member, friend, institution, organization or church. There is no better way to express your appreciation for that special person or organization in your life.

Finally, Oliver wanted to create something that would remind you of “Love & Compassion”. This is what the Great Man put into practice every day of his life, and perhaps, we can do the same with a little inspiration.

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Examine The Exquisite Statue

The 22 kg statue is perfectly balanced with a solid base. So strong, so well made that it will become the focal point wherever it is placed.

Examine the intricate detail. While other statues are built quickly, this was crafted over four weeks – built the hard way, using the Lost Waxing Method (as practiced by the Ancient Greeks).

Notice how the beautiful features of the “Great Man” have been captured, in the making of this exquisite Bronze Statue.

bronze statue Pope John Paul II

bronze statue Pope John Paul II

bronze statue Pope John Paul II

bronze statue Pope John Paul II

These statues capture all the characteristic features of Pope John Paul II.

All original features are retained and captured from the molding process. 

Now take a closer look. The fine detailing is the result of a method called chasing the wax. Here, Oliver Greene, re-detailed the features by hand, making each statue completely individual and original.

Also, observe that the finest Bronze ingot (from Italy) accentuates and brings to life the character and facial features of Blessed Pope John Paul II, in a way that no other material can.

It took four weeks to complete the statue. But, it will last for generations.

Statue details…. Height: 24 inches. Depth: 9 inches. Weight: 22 kg

Have More Peace & Tranquility In Your Life

This is not simply a statue. It is much more than that.

It is the hope of Oliver Greene that this bronze statue of Pope John Paul II will bring to you as much pleasure and peace as it gave him to create.

This exquisite statue wields a wonderful, calming power… giving you a warm, delightful and happy presence.

It will help to fill your heart with peace after a long, stressful day, or when you’re consumed with worry.

Own A Piece of History

So how much is does such a rare piece like this cost? Well not as much as you may think…While a Limited Edition Piece of “The Great Man” like this could set you back anything from thousands of dollars…

The RRP for these statues of Pope John Paul II is $4,499.00, but as Oliver wants to make them affordable to everyone, you’ll only have to pay $1,449.

Your limited edition statue will arrive with a signed, numbered Certificate of Authenticity – direct from the artist.

Unconditional, 30 Day Guarantee

In order to ensure your peace of mind, you get a 30-day, unconditional money-back guarantee. As your satisfaction is important to Oliver, all your risk is removed. So, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your statue (for any reason), just call, or email for a full, no questions asked refund.

30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

Oliver has a no-hassle guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your bronze sculpture of Blessed Pope John Paul II, simply return it within 30 days and you will be sent a full refund.

Just click the button below to have your statue securely shipped to your front door (it will be dispatched the same day).


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If you prefer to order by phone, you can call Oliver Greene at +44 7976 882424. He is happy to answer your questions as well.


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